Daily Motivation – Day 5

Serve Empty Vessel

This is one of my favourite quotes, look after yourself! You need to think about yourself before you can think about other people. When you are on a plane they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first before you help anyone else with theirs. You cannot serve from an empty vessel so look after yourself first!


Daily Motivation

The past few days I’ve decided to really double down on being productive and getting everything in order, but to balance my relationship, the gym, my blog, the YouTube channel and everything else I’m having to be strict with myself with managing my time, this is made a lot easier by being motivated!
Since motivation and inspiration are kinda my thing here on this blog I’ve decided to experiment with one or two things, so every day for the next 30 days I will be posting my usual 1-3 times per week (still working on a schedule) but on top of this I will be posting a quote, a story, or some other form of motivation every single day! If it’s well received I will carry it on otherwise it will last just the 30 days!
I will begin with these tomorrow morning and will continue to do it every single morning for the next month. Hopefully, it can help motivate you and me to get everything done and give you that kick up the backside you might need. On top of this, I am starting up a new Instagram page for this blog, it will hopefully help grow this blog and with any luck, help build a community!
“Never a failure, always a lesson”
I’ll keep this one short as it’s only really a little update, I will post my first daily motivation tomorrow, please let me know what you think about this idea! See you tomorrow. Ciao!



In the famous words of William Wallace in Braveheart… FREEDOM!!! Finally, after spending nearly 4 years in retail and over a year in my previous store, I have finally left and hopefully for good! It’s no secret that I absolutely despised my job and retail in general, I have nothing against the actual company but retail is the same wherever you go, when you’ve done it once you’ve done it a million times!

For months I have thought about leaving the world of retail. Honestly, I will never be happy unless I am working for myself and that’s what I plan to do… sort of. I am currently looking for another part-time job in a different area to help me pay the bills whilst I am building my own brand, I’m thinking of a cleaning job as it will mean I only have to work a couple hours a day and I can get the job over and done with first thing then have the day to myself.

So what else am I working on? Well! I am going to be focusing a lot more on my blog and my YouTube channel thus allowing me to build them up and down the road I am planning on creating a website for the YouTube channel which I have big plans for in the future. On top of this, I am still studying my personal training course and I have started doing freelance writing work as that is something I enjoy doing, hence the blog.

Finally, I plan on spending more quality time with my girlfriend, this is probably the most important thing I plan on doing. So far we have just stuck to my home city but we are going to now go further afield and broaden our horizons, see new things and visit new places!

Anyway, I should finish this blog post before it gets too long as they usually do! You can expect more blog posts from now on, I am going to get a schedule up and running for it but it’s not finished yet so I will upload that when I figure it out!

“You are only one decision away from totally changing your life”

Thanks for reading this one guys, a bit more of a personal update today. As I say you can expect more posts from me from now on so feel free to follow me to keep updated! Hope you guys had a good week! Catch you next week. Ciao!