Daily Motivation

The past few days I’ve decided to really double down on being productive and getting everything in order, but to balance my relationship, the gym, my blog, the YouTube channel and everything else I’m having to be strict with myself with managing my time, this is made a lot easier by being motivated!
Since motivation and inspiration are kinda my thing here on this blog I’ve decided to experiment with one or two things, so every day for the next 30 days I will be posting my usual 1-3 times per week (still working on a schedule) but on top of this I will be posting a quote, a story, or some other form of motivation every single day! If it’s well received I will carry it on otherwise it will last just the 30 days!
I will begin with these tomorrow morning and will continue to do it every single morning for the next month. Hopefully, it can help motivate you and me to get everything done and give you that kick up the backside you might need. On top of this, I am starting up a new Instagram page for this blog, it will hopefully help grow this blog and with any luck, help build a community!
“Never a failure, always a lesson”
I’ll keep this one short as it’s only really a little update, I will post my first daily motivation tomorrow, please let me know what you think about this idea! See you tomorrow. Ciao!

Author: AbitSheepish

I have a passion for blogging & fitness while also trying to provide motivation & inspiration

2 thoughts on “Daily Motivation”

  1. Sounds like a great idea! Keep this motivation up. I need a kick of this energy and reading this has done just that! Think this 30 day motivation challenge is brilliant! Thanks!

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