It’s Okay To Say No!

If there is anything that I am terribly guilty of doing it is saying yes to everything, however this is something that I am trying to change this year. Truth is it is okay to say no! You are not obliged to do anything that you do not want to do and you are fully entitled to use that two letter word ‘NO’.

This is something people really need to start practising, if something costs you your happiness or your mental health then you might want to really considering saying no and focusing on your own well being instead. What people usually do is they get asked to do something by a friend or a colleague and you feel rude to say no but think to yourself if that is something that you do not want to do or is going to put you under stress because it is adding more workload on top of what you already need to do then it’s not worth it. Sure that person might be a bit disappointed but your own well being and happiness is more important, besides which if that person is a true friend then they will understand.

That is something that people also need to remember, if that person would be worth doing whatever task for then they will understand why you say no, if they hold the fact that you said no against you or it comes between your friendship then that person was never worth doing it for anyway. True friends will understand that it will make you unhappy or it will affect your mental well being and they wouldn’t dream of holding that against you because that’s not what friends do, real friends want you to be happy and do the best you can not get mad at you for turning something down.

Your happiness and mental health comes first! That is more important than anything! Obviously we all like to be helpful and like to lend a hand to people to make their lives easier but if it is going to be detrimental to yourself then it is not worth it! On that note I am going to leave you with this:

“Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive”

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People Come & Go

This is probably the biggest lesson I have learnt in the past week, a key to being happy in life is understanding that people come and go. Not everyone in your life is going to be there till the end, truth is someone who is currently your best friend may not even be an acquaintance anymore in a couple of years… this is okay.

You will be much happier in life when you realise that this is a natural thing and there is nothing you can do about it, it’s just part of life. Things change, people change, situations change.

Nobody is going to be the same person throughout their entire life, sometimes people change and their friends are no longer the best people for them to be around, for example if you’re an alcoholic and trying to pack in the drinking, you’re not going to want to hang around with your mates who go out every weekend to the pub and get absolutely hammered and pressure you to drink, that’s just setting yourself up to fail.

This topic rings strongly with me at the moment because last week I met up with someone who I’ve been best friends with since I was 6, however since we live far away from each other we’ve only saw each other twice in the past 15 years (context: we used to go school together but she moved away and we kept in contact) and one of these times was last week.

We met up and we didn’t get on at all.. We could not have been more opposite, this resulted in us both leaving it drained, after a few days of not talking we had a chat and that was the end of our friendship, my friend decided that it wasn’t going to work and we both felt like we didn’t know the other person and so that ended our friendship. Just like that our close friendship came crumbling down.

This just goes to show how easily a 15 year friendship can end so easily but that’s okay, yeah it sucks that it’s over but when it happened I realised I could either be upset and make myself feel crappy, or I could just accept that it’s part of life and move on.

So like I said understand that you will not always have the same friends, people come and go and that’s just how it is, once you realise this and accept it it’ll save you a lot of heartache in the long run. Anyway I am going to leave this one as i’m rambling, so I will leave you with this:

“In life; People come and go. So, don’t waste your time holding onto people who have let you go”

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Don’t React In Anger

So we are all human, none of us are perfect, one way in which we are not perfect in is controlling our anger. At some point we have all lost our temper and lashed out, possibly said or did something that you didn’t mean and probably left the situation feeling regret. That quick outburst just because you were angry can put massive strain on relationships, possibly even end friendships, could get you in trouble with your boss, there is no limit to the negative effects just a few seconds of lashing out can cause.

Obviously this is something you want to avoid, so how do you do this? Don’t react straight away, when someone says something that angers you, stop yourself, bite your tongue if you have to, stop yourself from saying anything and think about what you are going to say. Remind yourself that you don’t want to say anything that you will later regret, an angry outburst might be what you want to do and might make you feel better in the moment but it will very soon have repercussions and you will probably regret saying whatever you said.

One piece advice you often hear is to count to 10 in your head, this is a very good technique for calming yourself down and not reacting when your anger is at its peak, allow yourself to calm down, let the anger subside before you reply. This will save you from straining relationships and losing friends over stupid things as well as saving many future headaches.

What you have to understand is people reflect back whatever they receive, for example if you ask someone a question politely then you will likely receive a polite answer, however if you are rude to that person then that person is just going to think “f*ck you” and be rude back to you or withhold the information from you.

Lets take a shopping experience as an example, say you are in a shop in a desperate rush as you have work in 20 minutes, you are looking for an item but are unable to find it so you walk up to a shop assistant and ask them where that product is, if you walk up to them full of anger because you are stressing that you are going to be late and talk to the shop assistant like crap then they will very likely give you crappy customer service and will just point you in the general direction of the product or just tell you they have none in stock. However if you walk up to them and politely ask for that product then they will likely walk you over to it and possibly quickly check the back for you if none are on the shelf.

Being polite and well composed at all times and not letting your anger get the better of you will always serve you better than if you let it take hold and you lash out. Hope you enjoyed this one, I will leave you with this:

“A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a thousand moments of regret”

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Changing My Style

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I fancied a bit of a different intro today instead of starting it off with “So” or “Okay” like I usually do. Yanno in about 3 months time I am going to be 22 years old… which is horrible to say out loud! All my life till recently I’ve been a ridiculously negative and miserable person, however as most of you probably know I am now making progress to becoming a more positive and happy being.

One thing I realised the other day when I looked in the mirror is I don’t like how I look, not in body but in my face/head. When I started thinking I realised I have been wearing glasses and had the same crappy hairstyle for about 16 years, the more I thought about this the more I wanted to have a change so that’s exactly what I decided to do. As of today I have a completely new hairstyle and tomorrow I am going into an opticians to look into getting contacts and you know what already I feel so much better about how I look.

I’ve shown a few of my friends my new look and they think it really suits me and already I feel much more confident and will hopefully even better tomorrow after I get my contacts and no longer have to wear glasses (all going well). But that’s not the only reason I wanted to change my look. Truth is part of me wanted to change my style because i’m not that same miserable f*cker that I once was, I am definitely not the same person who I was this time last year, not even remotely. I have changed for the better!

Now I am more confident, I have a better body and found a crazy passion in fitness and working out, I am constantly trying to better myself but learning more and reading, I am becoming a more positive person.

Maybe it’s time that you tried a different style or changed how you look or improve your body or your health. Do something that will make you feel better about yourself, your body, your life. At the end of the day we only get one life, why be miserable with it, live a life that you are happy with.

Not really sure if the message is completely clear in this post to be honest but hopefully it will inspire somebody to change their life for the better in some small way plus it is something that I wanted to discuss. Today’s quote is one of my all time favourites and it is something a lot of people need to start following:

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude” – Maya Angelou

Thank you so much if you read this one, it was a bit more of a personal one but hopefully you can take something away from it that will inspire you to improve your life. Please leave a like if you enjoyed it or a comment to let me know your opinion. Thanks again and I will see you as usual on Tuesday. Ciao!

Spread The Love

February 14th huh? Valentines day, right.. So for some people today is all about showing love to their partner and spoiling them buying them a card or roses or whatever, this is all well and good but for others it can be a very lonely day. I am single and have been for a long time so I know what it feels like to be someone who has no-one to be with or spoil or be spoilt by on Valentines day, so I know exactly how lonely it makes some people feel especially if that individual has just come out of a relationship.

So I want you to do something, a little task that will take you minutes but will completely brighten up somebodies day. Write out a message, a kind sweet heartfelt message to a close friend who is single and show them how much you love them. This is something I do, I am constantly reminding my close friends how much I care with random little gestures and messages because receiving one of these messages just makes you smile and lets you know there is someone who loves you and cares about you.

I encourage all of you reading this to start doing it as well, especially today when those people possibly feel at their most fragile and loneliest. Not only does it make them feel good and could brighten up their entire day but it makes you feel good too as well as strengthening that friendship.

There is enough misery and heartache in the world, if I can do a small thing like this and improve the mood of somebody that I  love then why wouldn’t I?

Spread the love guys, make somebodies day! On that note I shall leave you with this:

“Taking care of the people you love is one of the most rewarding feelings ever. Do it as often as possible”

Thank you for reading this one, sorry it is a bit shorter than usual but I feel I have said everything I needed to. Hope it encouraged you to reach out and message someone you love and tell them how much they mean to you. Leave a like if you enjoyed it and want more content like it, possibly leave a comment to let me know what you thought. Thanks again and I hope to see you on Friday. Ciao!

Good Things Take Time

You know what they say good things take time, when it comes to training or fitness this could not be any more true. So many people are obsessed with getting into shape as quickly as they possibly can that they spend ages researching all these different diets or take these crash diets that expect you to eat nothing but a yogurt and salad twice a day. I think this is ridiculous and it’s something I don’t understand for the majority of people.

Okay first off if your diet consists of foods you can’t see yourself eating in 6 months time then it’s just not going to work. Losing weight is easy, the difficulty comes with keeping that weight off, if you do one of these crash diets or diets that have you eating foods you don’t like not only are you more likely to break it because you don’t enjoy it but it’s not sustainable.

This is why when you are dieting, one of the best ways (in my opinion) to lose weight and keep it off is to count your calories and think about taking up a flexible diet. This will allow you to lose weight while still enjoying some of the foods you love.

Secondly instead of being one of those people who use steroids to get huge, fat loss pills to lose weight or follow unsustainable crash diets, take your time with it. Don’t use something that could be detrimental to your health to get results quickly, that’s just defeating the purpose, this is why I don’t understand people who take steroids because (health consequences aside) you are cheating, you’re not creating something you can be proud of, it’s like if you cheat on a test and get a good grade, it’s a hollow victory because people will applaud you but in reality you know you’ve just cheated your way into achieving it. You haven’t devoted hours of hard work and effort to achieve your goals.

Put the time in and create something that you are proud of, but for now I’m going to leave you with these two quotes:

“Good things take time”

“I’m not where I want to be, but thank goodness i’m not where I used to be”

Thank you ever so much for reading this one, I’m probably going to be doing more fitness related posts in the future because that’s what my passion is in. Leave a like if you enjoyed this and leave me a comment to tell me if you would like more posts like this. I hope to see you again on Tuesday. Ciao!

Mindset Is Everything

Mindset is key, it is everything, it is quite possibly the best thing you could ever possibly change. A lot of people have a negative mindset, spending the time and effort to change this into a positive one is the best investment you could ever make.

If you are attempting anything with a negative mindset you are setting yourself up to fail, as they say a negative mind will never give a positive life. Whether this is with business, an exam or losing weight if you develop a more positive mindset you will find that you are much likely to succeed.

When you have a negative outlook you tend to create mountains out of molehills and create obstacles that don’t exist and you are more likely to turn down opportunities that could change your life because you see every negative thing that could possibly happen 10 miles down the line.

Not only this but when you start to be more positive you become so much more happier, so much happier! Trust me I can verify it because changing my mindset has completely altered my life and made me so much more happier.

How did I do it? Challenge your thinking, don’t over analyse or assume bad things will happen, control your thoughts like if a bad thought enters your head challenge whether it is realistic or not or whether you are making something out of nothing. Also please try to remove negative sources from your life this will massively help you such as people or the news or Facebook posts.

There best advice I can possibly give you is invest in yourself, spend 10-20 pounds on a self help book, read it, absorb everything it says and carry it out. My personal recommendation that I have read is one I’ve mentioned alot it is “Mind Power” by James Borg but another good one I’ve yet to read is “Who says you cant? You do” by Daniel Chidiac though I will give you a review on that one once I’ve read it.

The topic of how to be more positive and changing your mindset is a topic I want to cover again in more detail in the future after I have prepared a lot of tips and techniques you can use, but for now I’m going to leave you with this:

“A negative mind will never give a positive life”

I really love that quote and it’s very true hence why I’ve used it twice in this post, I highly recommend you invest in a self help book and actually do what it says if you would like to change your mindset and be more positive. Anyways thank you very much for reading, I’ve noticed a couple of people who like almost every post I do which is really nice! It’s great to have my writing mojo back now I’m training again. Please leave a like if you enjoyed it or comment to let me know your thoughts and opinions. I hope to see you again on Friday. Ciao!