Top Three Reasons Why Most People Quit… Part Two

First off i’d like to say thank you for coming back to read the second part of this post, the final one will be posted tomorrow at 6pm. This blog post is about the second reason why I think most people quit something whether that may be a weight loss goal or new years goal. So lets get right into it..

Next up is something I believe I have mentioned before and is something that I’ve done myself on this blog (saying I will upload every Tuesday and Friday) .. Being held accountable.

Not being held accountable for a task or a goal is a big reason why most people quit and give up, let’s say you want to learn to speak Chinese as one of your 2017 goals (use the word goals instead of resolutions, hardly anyone sticks to their new years resolutions but if you use the word goal it doesn’t have the same connotations that resolution has and you’re more likely a achieve it) a lot of people will do it for a few weeks and then find that they haven’t learnt as much as they wanted to or it’s just harder than they thought so they just think “to hell with this” and give up.

This is easy to do because only you know about it however if you went onto Facebook (or social media of your choice) and publicly announced that you are going to have learnt enough Chinese to have simple conversations by March and you’re going to prove it by posting a video of yourself talking Chinese on the last day of March then you bet your butt you’re gonna do it, this is because you don’t want to look stupid and don’t want to be seen as someone who’s failed or given up.

I was very careful with what I said in that example, firstly I said simple conversation by March, this makes it a realistic goal with a deadline so you won’t keep putting it off, if you just said some time this year then you’ll keep putting it off saying I’ll start tomorrow, I’ll start next week.. And so on until it reaches December and you give up, but having a short term goal with a realistic deadline you are much more likely to do it, then you can have a longer term goal to have a complex conversation in Chinese by November or something like this.

Secondly I said you’d post a video of yourself to prove it in March, this is very important because people are now holding you accountable because they are expecting you to do it and you think to yourself “crap I actually have to make this video so I need to be able to do it” this will further motivate you to get on with it and accomplish your goal.

This is why when someone has a personal trainer they tend to get better results than if they trained on their own. All the information that trainer can give you can be found in books or online but they push you and they hold you accountable for your training.

I think that is probably enough for this part so I will leave you with this:

“Knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing” – Robin Sharma

Thank you very much for checking out part two of this topic, I will be uploading part three at 6pm tomorrow. If you want to keep up to date with everything I post then please follow me. Also please leave me a like if you enjoyed it or leave a comment and let me know your opinions, I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Ciao!


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I have a passion for blogging & fitness while also trying to provide motivation & inspiration

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