You Get What You Give!

Okay so the title of this is a little vague because that could refer to several things however I mean it in a sort of karma way but it’s not really karma. This is something I heard on a podcast the other day and was confirmed to me last night at work. So I was listening to a mindset with muscle podcast (at least I think it was that one anyway) and the host (Jamie) was talking about the importance of being nice to people and when you are nice to them they want to be nice to you back and the same goes for if you are rude to someone.

The example he used was something he recently did, he lost his train ticket and was mad because he had to get another one and pay for another ticket, so he goes to the ticket guy and politely says he’s lost his ticket is there anything he could do, he bluntly said no, this is because he’s used to people having a go at him and being rude with him and annoyed that they’ve lost their ticket, at this point Jamie started calling himself an idiot and showing the ticket guy he’s blaming himself at which point the guys face changed and he told Jamie that if he waited half an hour he’d be able to get him on a train for 30 quid less.

If he’d gone up to the ticket guy all mad and having a go at him wanting a free ticket he probably wouldn’t have told Jamie about the cheaper train. So the idea is if you’re nice to someone they’ll be nice to you and if you’re rude to someone they’ll get defensive and be rude to you. This was confirmed to me yesterday, right I was at work (I work in a retail store) and a customer asked me if we still had the multi-pack of this particular water. Now usually I am very helpful and will give out my way to find out looking for it myself and asking my manager and taking them to the product if we do have it, so I look for this product and it turns out we didn’t stock it anymore and thus customer started being rude and obnoxious blaming me and having a go at me because it’s not going to cost her more to get this water because she’ll have to buy them singularly, at this point I got really defensive and felt like bluntly saying “not my fault” and walking off however I am more professional than that so I just passed her off to someone else and walked away.

But this left me truly p*ssed off for about half an hour saying all sorts of stuff in my head just getting more and more annoyed and then I remembered the podcast and realised how true what Jamie had been saying. If this customer had been polite to me I’d have gone out my way for them but because they were being rude to me I just fobbed them off, after realising this I calmed myself down and forgot about it so it didn’t effect how I treated the rest of the customers.

I guess the lesson here is as I said before you get what you give so be nice to people, if you help people and make them feel good they will want to return the favour. Anyways I’m gonna leave this one here as it’s getting long so I will leave you with this:

“Give and forget, receive and remember” – Jamie Alderton

Thanks for reading this post guys, I highly recommend that you check out Jamie Alderton on Snapchat/his book/his podcast, he gives out amazing advice and will completely change your mindset if you take the information on-board. I have to say a huge thank you and welcome to all the new peeps who are now following my blog I hope that you find my content useful to you. Please leave me a like if you enjoyed it or leave a comment and let me know your opinions, I’ll see you guys on Tuesday. Ciao!


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