My 2017 Goals

Well I said I would have a think about it and post my goals/schedule for 2017 so here it is, firstly i’d just like to say I am posting this so I am held accountable and to make sure I achieve what I set out to do this year, if you have goals I highly recommend you do something similar to hold yourself accountable.

My 2017 Goals:

  • Reach 25000 views a month on my blog
  • Clean up my diet
    • Eat healthier
    • Take multivitamins
  • Finish my college course
  • Start personal training course
  • Reach 5000 subs on YouTube
  • Expand my fitness knowledge
  • Read 1 book every month
  • Create a mobile game
  • Travel to Wales
  • Travel to London
  • Be Happier
    • Write down 3 things i’m grateful for every single day

Okay so there is a couple personal ones in there like travelling to Wales and London which don’t seem like goals but for someone who has suffered with anxiety for many years they are really big goals, plus I’ve always wanted to go London and I have friends who live in Wales.

Some of the goals above I am going to have to breakdown into mini goals like the milestone points with blog and YouTube but other than that they are what I would like to achieve this year. I will also be carrying on with my weight training because I love it but that doesn’t need to be a goal because I would do that anyway, the only reason I wouldn’t do that is if I was that ill I couldn’t leave bed.

As for my Schedule I am going to:

  • Upload Blog – Tuesday & Friday
  • Upload YouTube video – Wednesday & Saturday
  • Reading – An hour every night
  • Study game Development – 2 hours both Saturday & Sunday

So yeah that is pretty much it, there is a few other things I need to add in and arrange but that is basically my goals and schedule, I am going to have to add these all in gradually though so I don’t get overloaded and they become habits and just something I do automatically. But for now i am going to leave you with this:

“You only grow when you push yourself beyond your perceived limits. When you demand more from yourself you will get more”

Thank you guys ever so much for reading, hopefully this will encourage you to do the same and hold yourselves accountable for your 2017 goals. Hit like if you enjoyed it and leave me a comment to tell me your opinion or so you have someone to hold you accountable. Please follow if you want to keep up to date with my content, thanks again. I will see you this Friday for another post. Ciao!


You Only Live Once!


You’re going to die some day, one day we will all pass away, you only have this one life. MAKE THE MOST OF IT!!

No matter what you plan on doing there will always be someone standing there saying why, you want to lose weight? “Why would you want to do that? Controlling what you eat and doing exercise”. You want to start up your own business? “Why? Giving up your secure job knowing you’ll get paid every month”. You want to make a movie? “Why? That’s not going to get you anywhere and nobody else is doing it”.

Why the f*ck not? You only have this one life. You have this one life to accomplish as much as you can, you have this one life to help as many people as possible, you have this one life to live to your full potential. Why waste it?

You can do anything you want, the only thing stopping you from getting there is yourself. When you’re laying there on your death bed taking your final breathes going over your life in your head, do you want regrets? Do you want to be laying there wishing you’d do this and that, wishing you’d started that business, wishing you’d been healthier and prevented yourself being ill, wishing you’d climbed Mount Everest, wishing you’d asked that girl out, wishing you’d been brave enough to make that big speech? Do you want to be thinking how your life could have turned out if you did things differently? Or do you want to lay there with a big smile on your face telling your family you’ve accomplished everything you ever wanted to do and you have no regrets?

Create the best life you possibly can for yourself, help those around you, fill your life with amazing memories, live to your full potential, live a life you won’t regret when you’re on your death bed.

You only live once, make the most of it!

“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not” – Pablo Picasso

This isn’t my usual sort of blog post or my normal blogging day but I feel it is needed and it is something some people need to hear, also bare in mind what triggers you is usually what changes you. It being Monday I thought it would be the best day for this post, please take on-board what I have said.

Thank you ever so much for reading and I hope this fired you up and hopefully helped at least one person to do something they didn’t think they could do, if it helped you please leave a like and maybe a comment to give me your opinion, thanks again. I will be back again tomorrow with my normal posts. Ciao!

People Don’t Change Without A Reason

Okay first off this is going to be a little bit different but it is something I need to get off my chest and it is something I think a lot of people would benefit from knowing, that being said this one is definitely just my opinion but it is one that supported in practice.

People (as a general rule) don’t tend to change for the better without a damn good reason to do so whether it’s someone with a poor attitude, poor mindset or someone who’s overweight, just any bad habit. The don’t change their habits or attitude without a very good reason to do so.

Take someone who’s 30 pounds over weight, they’ve been eating too much for a long time and probably doesn’t do much exercise, they go in for a check up at the doctors and is told that they have very high cholesterol and their heart is having to work very hard to keep them going and if they don’t change their diet by eating a bit cleaner and getting some exercise they’ll almost certainly end up in an early grave. That person then thinks “shit I’ve got to change this” (well not all the time but a lot of people would). But they needed that big reason to push themselves into getting fitter and healthier. That is where they actually start to workout and eat healthier foods to bring their cholesterol down, because they know if they don’t it could kill them.

Or lets say for example, right I’ve been listening to a lot of mindset with muscle podcasts recently and the host Jamie has a lot of guests on it, all of which are very successful people in their industry (usually fitness) and the common thing with almost all of them is they needed a big event to happen before they changed, one was on drugs and its not till he took LSD and had a ‘near death experience’ that he had his epiphany and changed, another went to prison for 4 years and it was only this major event that made him realise he needs to change.

The reason I wrote this article is because of the relevance in my life especially with my friends and their relationships, an example of this is someone I know from college, she had a bf who made her miserable almost every day, had constant arguments with and he was very controlling, it ended when they had a physical fight.. Skip ahead to present day a week later and she’s talking to him again, the response me and her other friends got to this is “oh he’s being really nice, he can change yanno, people do change”… No they don’t, people don’t just change (generally), he’s just being nice so he can get you back and after 2 weeks he’ll be the same guy he’s always been.

But some people just don’t listen, despite being told this by me and 2 other of her close friends she still continues to talk to him so its up to her what she does, nobody can force her to delete him from her life even if we all know that’s the best thing to do. At the end of the day you can’t force someone to do something you have to let them make their mistakes especially when that person is that fixed minded that their is no room for you to work with, anyway I’m going off track.

In summary it usually takes a major event to make someone change for the better, don’t enter manipulative relationships get out of there as soon as possible if you do enter one. And if you want to change something like you want to get in shape then take this idea and give yourself a very strong reason to change like you want to prolong your life or walk your child down the aisle of her wedding, something that is very power and strong with you, this will massively increase the likelihood of you sticking to achieving that goal.

Before I continue to ramble on I better leave this one here so I shall leave you with this:

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from whatever makes you unhappy”

Sorry this is not my usual type of post but it is something I needed to get off my chest and get out their. Massive thank you to everyone who is following my blog, I’ve got myself a little audience who keeps coming back now which is really cool. If you like the content I create please let me know by liking it or leaving a comment to tell me your opinion, it would be greatly appreciated if you do that, I blog at least twice a week so follow me if you want to keep up to date, thanks ever so much again. Catch you on Tuesday. Ciao!

Practising What I Preach

Okay so I preach quite a few different things on this blog, three key ones are positivity, setting goals and holding yourself accountable, however these are 3 things that I am not great at performing… Why is this? Simple. I’m new to it. It’s as simple as that i’m just new to it.

Before I started this blog I was a very negative person, actually it wasn’t until I wrote ‘The Plan’ that my mindset started to change and I started to become a more positive person, this was because of a falling out with a friend and I realised something needed to change but I digress. I used to be the biggest pessimist you’ll probably ever meet, I have a genuine talent for creating excuses as to why something won’t work or it will go wrong whether that be straight away or 10 miles down the line, think of Will in ‘Good Will Hunting’ and his ‘Bullshit answer to everything’, that is the level i’m talking about here. Combine this with me being (or should I say used to be) a right lazy sod then you can imagine how much I needed to change.

After the argument with my friend and I realised something needed to change, I started to read books and listen to podcasts and do all these things to help change my mentality, I should also note this is about the same time I really got into working out. But to get from that state to being a really positive and productive individual is not easy, it is a massive gap between where I was and where I want to be and i’m not even close to being there yet, I am still in the process of changing my mindset.

Change takes time and effort and so far it hasn’t been a great deal of time and I haven’t put in as much effort as I would like to have done so what am I going to do? I am going to make myself accountable for my actions, I am going to tell you all about this and make sure this year is the year I completely change myself, 2017 is going to be the year when I let go of that lazy negative person I used to be and grow into the person I want to be.

Between now and next Tuesday I am going to sort out my goals and sort out a plan on how to get there, possibly a schedule of when I am going to do these things such as edit videos, upload them and when I’m going to study games development and then I am going to post it on next Tuesdays blog this will hold me accountable for my actions and make sure that I stick to what I want to do and achieve my goals!

Combined with this I am going to start doing things like writing 3 things I am grateful for every single day, this will further enforce my positive thinking. This is stuff that is going to need a lot of planning as I have a heck of a lot that I want to do and need to fit it around things like college/work/exercise hence why I am giving myself a week to get it all figured out and then next Tuesday I am going to update you with my goals, my schedule and maybe a couple more things.

But this is starting to drag on so I am going to leave this one here and I am going to leave you with this:

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

I would like to thank everyone who reads these blog posts, I’ve noticed some of you who read and like every single blog I post and it is very humbling to know I am creating content people enjoy or find useful or inspiring, it just means a lot to me so thank you very much. If you enjoyed it please give it a like and maybe a comment to let me know what you think. Thanks again for reading, I will see you on Friday. Ciao!

Top Three Reasons Why Most People Quit… Part Three (Final Part)

Well here we are, the final part of my top three reasons why people quit, if you have read my previous posts you will know what this one is. In my opinion this is the most important one hence why I have left it till last.


I cannot stress enough how incredibly important this part is and I will admit its something I am guilty of not setting though this is something I am now trying to change. If you keep up to date with the content I post you will know I listen to a lot of podcasts, read books and just try and learn as much as I can from personal trainers, life coaches and other people who are knowledgeable in areas of fitness, business and personal development.

What is one thing that they all say? Set goals with a realistic deadline, this is something I touched upon with the example I gave in my last blog post. Set a goal for a years time like say you are really overweight and want to have lost 8 stone in weight then reverse engineer that, how are you going to get there? Set a goal of losing 5 stone by September and then come close and say lost 3 stone by June then come even closer and say you want to have lost a stone by end of February, this obviously works with different goals as well this is just the first that popped into my head.

Now the most important part of doing this… WRITE IT DOWN! You won’t believe how much of a difference it will make just seeing you goals written down on paper. It is all well and good having them in your head but as soon as you see them written down you will become a lot more motivated to do them then put it on your dresser or bedroom door, somewhere you will see it every day so every day you look at it and know what you are working towards.

Well there you have it the top three reasons why I think people quit, hope you found this helpful or interesting but for now I will leave you with this:

“Your vision of where or who you want to be is your greatest asset you have. Without having a goal it’s difficult to score.” – Paul Arden

Thank you so much for reading this blog post especially if you read all three parts to this one, I hope that somebody found this information useful and it will help them achieve their goals. If you enjoyed it please give it a like and maybe a comment to let me know what you think. Thanks again for reading, I will see you on Tuesday. Ciao!

Top Three Reasons Why Most People Quit… Part Two

First off i’d like to say thank you for coming back to read the second part of this post, the final one will be posted tomorrow at 6pm. This blog post is about the second reason why I think most people quit something whether that may be a weight loss goal or new years goal. So lets get right into it..

Next up is something I believe I have mentioned before and is something that I’ve done myself on this blog (saying I will upload every Tuesday and Friday) .. Being held accountable.

Not being held accountable for a task or a goal is a big reason why most people quit and give up, let’s say you want to learn to speak Chinese as one of your 2017 goals (use the word goals instead of resolutions, hardly anyone sticks to their new years resolutions but if you use the word goal it doesn’t have the same connotations that resolution has and you’re more likely a achieve it) a lot of people will do it for a few weeks and then find that they haven’t learnt as much as they wanted to or it’s just harder than they thought so they just think “to hell with this” and give up.

This is easy to do because only you know about it however if you went onto Facebook (or social media of your choice) and publicly announced that you are going to have learnt enough Chinese to have simple conversations by March and you’re going to prove it by posting a video of yourself talking Chinese on the last day of March then you bet your butt you’re gonna do it, this is because you don’t want to look stupid and don’t want to be seen as someone who’s failed or given up.

I was very careful with what I said in that example, firstly I said simple conversation by March, this makes it a realistic goal with a deadline so you won’t keep putting it off, if you just said some time this year then you’ll keep putting it off saying I’ll start tomorrow, I’ll start next week.. And so on until it reaches December and you give up, but having a short term goal with a realistic deadline you are much more likely to do it, then you can have a longer term goal to have a complex conversation in Chinese by November or something like this.

Secondly I said you’d post a video of yourself to prove it in March, this is very important because people are now holding you accountable because they are expecting you to do it and you think to yourself “crap I actually have to make this video so I need to be able to do it” this will further motivate you to get on with it and accomplish your goal.

This is why when someone has a personal trainer they tend to get better results than if they trained on their own. All the information that trainer can give you can be found in books or online but they push you and they hold you accountable for your training.

I think that is probably enough for this part so I will leave you with this:

“Knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing” – Robin Sharma

Thank you very much for checking out part two of this topic, I will be uploading part three at 6pm tomorrow. If you want to keep up to date with everything I post then please follow me. Also please leave me a like if you enjoyed it or leave a comment and let me know your opinions, I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Ciao!

Top Three Reasons Why Most People Quit… Part One

Right so that title seems a little click-bate like, so i’m going to say that these are all in my opinion but they are also shared opinions with many successful people along with body transformation coaches and life coaches. Now that’s out of the way lets get into it…

Okay so from all the books I’ve been reading and my own personal experience I believe that there are 3 main reasons as to why people give up with something whether this be a diet or a new years resolution like start a business or learn Chinese etc. If I am completely honest these are 3 things that I need to work on and I will be working on doing and improving in my own life as well.

These three things are:

  1. Doing/changing too much too quickly.
  2. Not being held accountable.
  3. Not setting sensible goals along the way so get demotivated because they only see the big task instead of lots of small steps.

So first off we’ll start with the doing or changing too much too quickly part, us human beings are amazing and we can accomplish incredible things however we are not robots. Let’s say you are a little over weight and want to shred a couple stone and get that ‘beach ready body’ (I take issue with this idea of having to be skinny and toned to be beach ready but that’s one for another time) for summer so you decide to go to the gym 5 times a week, stop going out and socialising with your friends and drinking at the weekends and eat all healthy foods and cut out all sugary and “bad” foods from your diet even though you don’t like half the healthy foods you’re eating..

If you do this you are almost certainly going to quit, this is just too much change for your brain to handle and after a few weeks your new regime will slip and you’ll go back into old habits, this is because not only will it make you feel stressed and miserable but most people can only really commit to one or two big habit changes at a time, obviously there are exceptions to this but the majority of people can only do one or two.

However if change one or two things at a time and be consistent with it it’ll become a habit and your much more likely to stick with it. This is something that I learnt from Jamie Alderton’s book ‘Mindset With Muscle’ (just in case you want to learn more about it, seriously its a great book if you are serious about changing and improving your mindset hence why I rave on about it about).

As you can tell by the title I am splitting this blog topic into three different posts and i’m going to release one a day for the next few days, this is because I have a lot to say on this one and I don’t want it to drag on and people to get bored. I would rather post three blog posts than a long essay. I am going to leave you with two quotes today as I have used the most relevant one before and I really like the other:

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step” – Martin Luther King Jr.

“A negative mind will never give you a positive life”

Massive thank you to everyone reading and liking my posts, it really blows my mind that people actually read something I’ve wrote and think its worth liking and following me so thank you so much. If you want to keep up to date with everything I post then please follow me. Also please leave me a like if you enjoyed it or leave a comment and let me know your opinions, I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Ciao!