Find Your Motivation

Okay! So first off I apologise for not posting on Tuesday, I have been incredibly busy with college work and my retail job for the past week so I never actually got round to writing one, I won’t let it happen again!

Anyways onto today’s topic, finding your motivation. This is possibly the most important thing you can possibly do when you are trying to reach a fitness goal or trying to start up a new business. I have been listening to a lot of business and productivity podcasts recently and on one of them they had a guest on who has created and owns 8 successful businesses.

Side note if you are interested in starting up a business then podcasts are amazing to listen to, they give you a lot of information and can really give you so much motivation and lessons that it has taken these people years to learn.

Back on track, this woman who owns these 8 successful businesses and the podcast host were talking about how important it is to find your motivation, find out why you are doing what you are doing, for example if you are creating a business then why do you want to do it? Is it to be rich, to be able to spend more time with your family, to travel, etc. This is very important because you are going to come on hard times when you are struggling and that might just be the only thing that pushes you through.

Also you need to always remember why you are doing this, why you are putting in all that hard work, if you started your own business so you could escape the 9-5 rat race and spend more time with your family then you are not going to be happy when you’re working 18 hour days running a successful business. Do you get what I mean? Obviously you need to put in a lot of hard work to create a business, you need to put in a lot of hard work to do anything that’s worth doing, but my point is when that business is successful you won’t be satisfied and happy because you are spending all your time working and you are not spending that time with your family like you want to, so you need to adjust your strategy to ensure that you are doing that.

I hope you get what I mean with that, the reason I bring this up is because I realised the other day that I want to work for myself because I hate the thought of working for someone else, I will never be happy while I am working for someone. This made me realise my own biggest motivation is my retail job, I really don’t like it, you are just a number, you work your arse off and get peanuts in return most of the time not even with a thank you. This is my greatest motivation with wanting to become a personal trainer and hopefully a successful blogger so I can leave that job and do something I truly enjoy.

My gosh this one is getting long so I will leave you with this:

“When you realise you’re completely in control of your life, that’s when you start winning”

Find your motivation and get to work! Thank you for reading this post, i’d greatly appreciate it if you like it or comment letting me know your thoughts, I noticed a few people have been commenting, I do reply to all comments it might just take me a day to get back to you. Follow me for posts like this twice a week, hope to see you guys next time. Ciao!


Author: AbitSheepish

I have a passion for blogging & fitness while also trying to provide motivation & inspiration

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