Positive Thinking

Okay so in pursuit of my new goal of being more positive and being happier I have dug out some books that I bought years ago, one that I am currently reading is called ‘Mind Power’ by James Borg (very good book by the way) which is a self help book revolving around taking control of your mind and your thoughts. In this book he states something that has been cropping up a lot on my Instagram just recently since I’ve been adding lots of motivational and inspirational pages, you control your thoughts and your thoughts control your emotions, nothing is ever really good or bad unless you think it to be.

Let me explain, okay so in this book he says try to make yourself sad without thinking of something sad, try to be angry without thinking of something that annoys you. You can’t do it can you? How we think directly influences how we feel, it’s kind of like a glass half full, glass half empty sort of thing, how you view and think of that glass decides whether you’re optimistic, you look for the good and put a positive spin on things, or whether you are a pessimist, always looking at things negatively and making yourself miserable.

My point is how you think about things can greatly influence how you feel, it might not change the outcome if you view something more positively but you might look at it as a learning experience as oppose to something to get down and beat yourself up about. That being said when you look at things negatively I know from experience that you tend to create a self fulfilling prophesy, you set yourself up to fail, you set it up to go wrong.

Negative thoughts can be very toxic to you,in some way quite literally, as described in that book, when you think negatively your brain releases hormones and chemicals that make you feel crap which in turn makes you be even more negative and so on, you can see how this can become a downward spiral. However the same happens when you are happy and positive, your brain releases different hormones and chemicals that make you feel even better.

Anyway I should probably stop ripping information straight from the book, if you’re interested its a good book to buy or possibly find in your local library, also not sponsored to say that I should probably point out. It’s just a good informative book.

What i’m getting at is how you think has a massive effect on your life, it will be hard to change and it will take time and effort but you are in control of your thoughts, they don’t control you therefore with persistence and commitment you can change your thinking and it will change you life, I guarantee you it will. Obviously you won’t be happy and positive all the time but the more you are the happier you will become and when you are being positive and think optimistically opportunities tend to just appear out of nowhere instead of passing you by.

I should probably leave that one there as this is getting long and I don’t want to go off on a tangent so I shall leave you with this..

“The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude”

Think positive and be happy guys! Thank you for reading this post, i’d greatly appreciate it if you like it or comment letting me know your thoughts. Follow me for posts like this twice a week, hope to see you guys next time. Ciao!


Author: AbitSheepish

I have a passion for blogging & fitness while also trying to provide motivation & inspiration

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