How To Get Stuff Done!

Okay so if you are like me then you will probably spend ages thinking about all the stuff that you want to do, probably watch loads of YouTube videos all about how to get motivated, perhaps you even get all prepared for doing whatever it is you set out to do but where most people fall flat is actually getting it done.
The worst part of this is it is incredibly easy to do it, just start! That’s all you have to do! People are always saying they’re going to do this and that, but very few of them actually start it. Spending hours watching motivational videos is all well and good but it gets to the point where you are just wasting time and procrastinating, stop wasting so much damn time and just start and get on with it.
If you want to accomplish something WRITE IT DOWN! I cannot stress that enough, write down your goals, make a list of what you want to achieve both long term and short term like what you want to do today, trust me this will make a world of difference! When you see it written down on paper you will be much more likely to achieve them.
I was watching a video yesterday in research of this and the advice this guy gave was to make a list of what success means to you, write a whole A4 page of what success means to you, but do it writing in the present as if you were already successful, make a huge list of what you would do today if you were successful i.e. I will sleep in, I’ll go down the golf course with my friends then take a trip to London in my brand new Ferrari to go watch a show… That sort of thing. This will help motivate you and make you realise your dream, but as I said you need to actually start to get stuff done.
Something I should note is while at first it may be hard to just do stuff, if you start writing it down and then over time it will get a lot easier, also tell people about your goals, as I’ve said before if you tell people about your goals then you are more likely to achieve them because you do not wish to look like an idiot so will work harder to achieve it. On that note when setting goals the most important thing to do is to SET A DATE! Setting a deadline for you goals like want to do this today, want to have achieved this by January etc. You are much more likely to crack on with it and less likely to keep putting it off.
If you would like to stay motivated, the best thing you can do is constantly remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing, for example every single morning write down what you think success is (like as mentioned early), if you do this every morning you will feel motivated to crack on with all your jobs for the day. All that is important is you know every single day what you are working for and why you are doing it.
So an overview:
 – Write down what you think success is (be as vivid and detailed as possible).
  – Write down your goals! (Use dates and deadlines so you have a target).
  – If you watch motivational videos then don’t spend hours doing it.
  – Just get on with it, just start!
Told you I was going to make a schedule and make a change! Might have to decrease it to one post a week at some point otherwise I’ll run out of content but we shall see. Anyway hope you found this blog post helpful, if so please like it, I greatly appreciate it, or you could leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to see you again soon, ciao!

Author: AbitSheepish

I have a passion for blogging & fitness while also trying to provide motivation & inspiration

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